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Responsive Web Design


The continually increasing number of Internet-ready devices in varying shapes and sizes makes responsible Website design an absolute must.

What exactly is Responsive Design?


In essence, responsive design uses a number of different techniques to ensure a Website recognises and adapts to the size of the screen it is being viewed on. Unlike ‘old style’ Websites, which often either refused to load on smart phones altogether or required lots of zooming in and out in order to find specific content, responsive Websites will take note of any given device’s constraints and automatically reformat to provide the user with an experience that is more suitable for their device.


In other words, someone using a smart phone or tablet, for example, will see the same site as a laptop or desktop PC user, but the site will have adjusted itself to the size of their screen and subsequently make finding the desired content quicker and easier. Also taking interaction into account, responsive Web design also integrates touch screen and other related technology in order to assist ease of navigation.

Responsive Website Design


Taking a ‘mobile first’ approach*, our responsive Web design team creates stunning, effective Websites that are as easy to access and navigate on a tiny mobile screen as they are on a wide-screen desktop computer or laptop for individuals and businesses of any size or type.


*The ‘mobile first’ approach considers the limitations of mobile devices with regards to screen size, processing power and available bandwidths and removes anything not essential to promoting the main message/purpose of a Website.


The resulting site is concise, focused and provides a better user experience across all screen sizes.

Benefits of Responsive Design


Providing users with a faster, smarter and overall better experience, responsive design ensures potential customers can access your Website from any device easily and without hassle. This obviously means happy customers – and happy customers means better business.


In addition, responsive design means there is no longer a need to provide a separate, mobile friendly version of an existing desktop-oriented site. This, of course, means support, upgrades and SEO efforts can be concentrated on a single site, which in turn means maintaining a responsive Website requires less time and money, making it a highly cost-effective option.


This, combined with the fact that a Website that is optimised for and consistent across a range of different devices improves conversion rates by providing users with experiences likely to lead them into engaging with you rather than going to other companies, makes responsive Web design a sound investment into the future of multi-device Internet technology.

Responsive Website Design Surrey


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