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The need to be found, indexed and linked to by search engines in order to be found by potential customers makes search engine optimisation (SEO) one of the most important aspects of Website design.


What is SEO?


Search engines’ automated bots (search robots) crawl the Web, following links and indexing content in the engines’ massive databases. Though increasingly sophisticated, these bots still do not have the ability to see and understand Web pages in the same manner a human visitor can. It is therefore necessary to assist them in figuring out what a page is all about and how it could be of use to users, which is where SEO comes in.

How we work


At SustainaPrint, we like to start with SEO before any website design takes place. This ensures we target the correct keywords from the very outset. Our keyword research is based on more than just the number of monthly searches – we drill down into how competitive each keyword is. When you combine both search volume and competition there is a better understanding of a keyword’s strength.


Once researched, we suggest best performing keywords to use and either adapt or rewrite the website’s text. When the site meets your approval, we launch and notify search engines of its presence. We can then provide monthly reports on keyword positions in search as well as fixing any issues and constantly work to improve the site’s SEO.


We can also supply SEO copy for your blog, ensuring an up to date and timely publishing schedule is met – search engines LOVE fresh content. Blogs can be great for delivering new content, populating social network feeds and also targeting low search volume keywords not used in initial website optimisation.

SEO Content Marketing


As search engines determine the relevance and importance of content to users by tracking what Internet users look for, how they interact with and react to it (by sharing, commenting and/or linking to content, for instance), good SEO also requires content to be marketed – in other words, content has to be shared, liked and talked about in order to be deemed important by search bots. Social Media is playing a bigger part in SEO ranking and we can help your site capitalise on this.


SEO Website Design Surrey


From top quality coding and ensuring all content can be indexed by search engines to extensive keyword research, targeting specific audiences and marketing your content, our SEO Web design specialists have the skills and know-how to ensure your Website can be found quickly and easily by all major search engines. This in turn will lead to higher search engine rankings and subsequently increase traffic to your site.

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