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Stage Backdrops


Stage Backdrops for the Theatre


Scenic stage backdrops have evolved significantly since architect and artist Filippo Brunelleschi’s discovery of linear perspective principles in 1425. Enabling artists to scientifically measure and subsequently draw scenes with outstanding visual depth onto backdrops, by the close of the 16th Century Brunelleschi’s system was without doubt ‘all the rage’ when it came to creating theatrical backdrops.

Modern Stage & Theatrical Backdrops

Today, state of the art technology using large format printers, solvent inks and digital images has revolutionised the design of sets. While digital stage backdrops are unlikely to ever completely replace hand-painted backdrops, they do offer set designers many advantages.


Advantages of Digitally Printed Stage Backdrops

Theatrical backdrops may be printed onto a wide variety of coated and also some uncoated materials. possible material options include:


  • Canvas
  • Cotton
  • Front/Back-Lit PVC
  • Muslins
  • RP Screens
  • Sharkstooth Scrim
  • Synthetic Fabrics

On many of these materials, airbrush technology may be applied and backdrops may be printed single or double-sided and can be front or back-lit in order to create varying atmospheres/moods. Depending on material, drops are suitable for use in indoor and outdoor settings.


Further advantages of digitally printed stage/theatrical backdrops include:


  • Large Size: Images may be printed seamless up to 5M wide or in panels that are then joined through ‘invisible’ seams. Quality: The resolution of large format printers (around 300 dpi) yields crisp, sharp images of the highest quality from high resolution digital originals.
  • Fast Turnaround Times – Digitally printed backdrops can, depending on required size, be delivered within a week or quicker. Combined with digital storage of original images, this also means that if a backdrop should somehow get damaged, it will be quick and easy to replace.
  • Durability: Repeated hanging and storage will not affect image quality. Correctly stored backdrops can be used over and over again for many years.


Versatile, cost-effective and durable, easy to use Sustainaprint printed stage backdrops can vastly increase a set designer’s choice of unique, high quality backdrops.


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